Skyline Gymnastics center 2018 SCHEDULE

1) Scroll down to view the schedule and start the registration process for the current classes!

2) Questions? Call the gym at (717) 845-3047. Our office hours are Monday - Thursday 4:00-8:00 pm and Saturday 9:00-12:00 noon or email us anytime:

3) When you submit your on-line registration, you have completed the process of reserving your class time! Credit card information is not required to reserve your class time. If you entered a credit card, your account will be charged the registration fee within a few days and also automatically for tuition as it is due. To pay registration, you may also mail in your check or stop by the gym within 7 days to guarantee your child's class.

4) Skyline has Open Enrollment year round. You may start at any time in the appropriate level and age group and your first month will be prorated.

5) The schedule starts the week of August 21, 2017 and runs year-round.
Skyline Gymnastics
2185 Pennsylvania Ave.
York, PA 17404

Registration First Child $30.00
Each Additional Sibling $15.00
½ Hour 2 Year Old Class $48.00 per month
45 Minute 3 Year Old Class $56.00 per month
1 Hour 4 Year Old Class $64.00 per month
1 Hour Progessive Class $64.00 per month
1 ½ Hour Advanced Class $88.00 per month
All classes meet one time a week. Prices listed are a flat rate for a full month (4 weeks) of classes.

A $30.00 non-refundable registration fee is paid upon enrollment in our program. This fee is valid through August 2018 and is non transferable to another student or sibling.

  • We offer class tuition at a 10% discount for each additional class the student enrolls in.
  • All payments are due by the first of the month. All months must be paid in full to hold your child's place in the class. There is a $10.00 late fee after the 10th of the month and the child's place is not guaranteed. No refunds or credits are available. There is a $25.00 charge for returned checks.
  • Make-up classes are available two Saturdays a month during Open Gyms. Preschool make-ups may be arranged at the desk. You may not make up during a full class. This is to ensure our class ratio is maintained.
  • Pro Rated Tuition for 1 Class: 2 Year - $12.00, 3 Year - $14.00, 4 Year - $16.00, 1 Hour - $16.00, 1 1/2 Hour -$22.00. Gymnasts beginning after the 1st of the month will have their 1st month tuition pro rated to reflect the number of classes held between their start date and the end of the month. After the initial month, all gymnasts will be billed the full monthly tuition on the 1st of the month.

DRESS CODE: Girls are required to wear a leotard, bare feet or socks, no tights or skirts. Long hair or hair that falls in your face must be secured back. No jewelry may be worn during the class and no gum chewing. Boys are required to wear gym shorts or sweats and a T-shirt. No jean shorts are permitted.

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