Progressive Gymnastics Class Schedules, Fees & Registration in york, pa

Skyline is dedicated to encouraging fitness and fun through the challenge of gymnastics. Our caring and experienced staff will teach your child using safe and proper technique. Skyline offers 4 different skill levels in our class program. To maximize learning, Skyline has 2 age groups within each level. Our A age group is for 5-7 year olds and the B age group is for 8 and up. Level 4 classes are all ages.

Level 1 Beginner Gymnastics Class
In this level, girls will learn cartwheels and handstands, how to walk all different ways on the high beam, start building strength on bars and sky high jumping on vault!

Level 2 Advanced Beginner Class
At this level, gymnasts will learn backbends and kickovers, start cartwheels on the low beam and hip pullovers on the bars. Vaulting is fun as your child learns to run, jump and roll onto our porta pit!

Level 3 Intermediate Gymnastics
Your gymnast is ready to practice cartwheels and handstands on the high beam, walkovers and handsprings on the floor. Hip pullovers are a snap on bars and you will be doing back hip circles and going to the high bar with squat ons! Vaulting becomes a handstand flat back.

Level 4 Advanced Gymnastics
This is for gymnasts who are ready for a challenge! Your child's teacher will promote them to this group
where the sky is the limit! This class is 1 ½ hours long allowing more time for advanced skills and building strength and flexibility.

Boys Level 1 Beginner Gymnastics Class
Gymnasts will work on rolls and handstands on floor, swings on bars and strength holds on rings plus parallel bars, vault and trampoline. It is a great class to build strength coordination, discipline and run off some extra energy.

Boys Level 2 Intermediate Gymnastics Class
Roundoff on floor and advanced vaulting techniques, skin the cats and inverted hangs on rings. Swings and dismounts on parallel bars and back hip circles on horizontal bar. Mushroom is used and the pommel horse circle is introduced. These are just some of the skills that will challenge the boys in Level 2.

Boys Level 3 Advanced Gymnastics Class
Boys must have a strong foundation in gymnastics on all events to join this class. More advanced skills and combinations are taught. Instructor recommendation or evaluation is necessary to enroll.

Skyline will promote your child to the next level as soon as they are ready. It is so important for the confidence, self-esteem and safety of your child that they be placed in the appropriate skill level to start. If you have any questions concerning placement, please call Skyline and we will help you place your child for success!
Girls Gymnastic Classes Spring 2018 Schedule and Fees.
Boys Gymnastic Classes Spring 2018 Schedule and Fees.