Skyline GYMNASTICS cENTER Preschool Gymnastics in York, PA

Preschool Gymnastics - Gymnastics Center in York, PA
Our innovative preschool gymnastics program is designed to teach basic gymnastics skills and introduce class structure. Our special preschool gym has circuits made up of Beams, Bars, Floor, Jumping and Vaulting equipment to keep your child moving and learning. All of our preschool classes are taken independently in our preschool room. We have a HD TV in our lobby that is connected to a secure closed circuit camera so you can view your child in action! Small age appropriate classes are unique to Skyline. Our two-year-olds participate in a half hour class with a maximum of four children. Three-year-olds enjoy a forty-five minute class with six students. Four-year-olds participate in a one-hour class with seven students. We use stamps, stickers and a lot of "high fives" to encourage each child. We offer daytime and evening classes to best fit your busy schedule.
Preschool Gymnastic Classes Fall/Winter 2017-2018 Schedule and Fees.
7054436PRE SCH 2 YR FRI 5:30RegisterPRE SCH 2 YR FRI 5:30Fri5:30pm-6:00pmBoth448.00
7054303PRE SCH 2 YR MON 5:30 PRE SCH 2 YR MON 5:30Mon5:30pm-6:00pmBoth048.00
7054308PRE SCH 2 YR MON 6:00RegisterPRE SCH 2 YR MON 6:00Mon6:00pm-6:30pmBoth148.00
7054443PRE SCH 2 YR SAT 10:00RegisterPRE SCH 2 YR SAT 10:00Sat10:00am-10:30amBoth248.00
7054440PRE SCH 2 YR SAT 9:00RegisterPRE SCH 2 YR SAT 9:00Sat9:00am-9:30amBoth448.00
7054410PRE SCH 2 YR THUR 5:15RegisterPRE SCH 2 YR THUR 5:15Thu5:15pm-5:45pmBoth248.00
7054424PRE SCH 2 YR THUR 6:15 PRE SCH 2 YR THUR 6:15Thu6:15pm-6:45pmBoth048.00
7054432PRE SCH 2 YR THUR 9:15RegisterPRE SCH 2 YR THUR 9:15Thu9:15am-9:45amBoth148.00
7054435PRE SCH 2 YR THUR 9:45RegisterPRE SCH 2 YR THUR 9:45Thu9:45am-10:15amBoth348.00
7054310PRE SCH 2 YR TUES 5:15 PRE SCH 2 YR TUES 5:15Tue5:15pm-5:45pmBoth048.00
7054316PRE SCH 2 YR TUES 5:45 PRE SCH 2 YR TUES 5:45Tue5:45pm-6:15pmBoth048.00
7054318PRE SCH 2 YR TUES 6:15 PRE SCH 2 YR TUES 6:15Tue6:15pm-6:45pmBoth048.00
7054358PRE SCH 2 YR WED 10:00RegisterPRE SCH 2 YR WED 10:00Wed10:00am-10:30amBoth148.00
7054321PRE SCH 2 YR WED 4:30RegisterPRE SCH 2 YR WED 4:30Wed4:30pm-5:00pmBoth348.00
7054324PRE SCH 2 YR WED 5:30 PRE SCH 2 YR WED 5:30Wed5:30pm-6:00pmBoth048.00
7054325PRE SCH 2 YR WED 9:15RegisterPRE SCH 2 YR WED 9:15Wed9:15am-9:45amBoth448.00
7054544PRE SCH 3 YR THUR 6:45
PRE SCH 3 YR THUR 6:45Thu6:45pm-7:30pmBoth056.00
7054559PRE SCH 3 YR FRI 6:00RegisterPRE SCH 3 YR FRI 6:00Fri6:00pm-6:45pmBoth356.00
7054445PRE SCH 3 YR MON 4:30RegisterPRE SCH 3 YR MON 4:30Mon4:30pm-5:15pmBoth656.00
7054481PRE SCH 3 YR MON 5:15RegisterPRE SCH 3 YR MON 5:15Mon5:15pm-6:00pmBoth156.00
7054483PRE SCH 3 YR MON 7:00RegisterPRE SCH 3 YR MON 7:00Mon7:00pm-7:45pmBoth456.00
7054563PRE SCH 3 YR SAT 10:30RegisterPRE SCH 3 YR SAT 10:30Sat10:30am-11:15amBoth156.00
7054565PRE SCH 3 YR SAT 11:15RegisterPRE SCH 3 YR SAT 11:15Sat11:15am-12:00pmBoth556.00
7054551PRE SCH 3 YR THUR 10:00RegisterPRE SCH 3 YR THUR 10:00Thu10:00am-10:45amBoth156.00
7054532PRE SCH 3 YR THUR 4:30RegisterPRE SCH 3 YR THUR 4:30Thu4:30pm-5:15pmBoth456.00
7054538PRE SCH 3 YR THUR 5:30RegisterPRE SCH 3 YR THUR 5:30Thu5:30pm-6:15pmBoth256.00
7054548PRE SCH 3 YR THUR 9:15RegisterPRE SCH 3 YR THUR 9:15Thu9:15am-10:00amBoth256.00
7054489PRE SCH 3 YR TUES 4:30RegisterPRE SCH 3 YR TUES 4:30Tue4:30pm-5:15pmBoth656.00
7054495PRE SCH 3 YR TUES 5:30RegisterPRE SCH 3 YR TUES 5:30Tue5:30pm-6:15pmBoth256.00
7054501PRE SCH 3 YR TUES 6:15 PRE SCH 3 YR TUES 6:15Tue6:15pm-7:00pmBoth056.00
7054510PRE SCH 3 YR TUES 7:00RegisterPRE SCH 3 YR TUES 7:00Tue7:00pm-7:45pmBoth356.00
7054514PRE SCH 3 YR WED 5:00RegisterPRE SCH 3 YR WED 5:00Wed5:00pm-5:45pmBoth556.00
7054515PRE SCH 3 YR WED 6:00
PRE SCH 3 YR WED 6:00Wed6:00pm-6:45pmBoth
7054519PRE SCH 3 YR WED 6:45RegisterPRE SCH 3 YR WED 6:45Wed6:45pm-7:30pmBoth356.00
7054523PRE SCH 3 YR WED 9:15RegisterPRE SCH 3 YR WED 9:15Wed9:15am-10:00amBoth456.00
7054526PRE SCH 3 YR WED 9:45RegisterPRE SCH 3 YR WED 9:45Wed9:45am-10:30amBoth456.00
7054283PRE SCH 4 YR 9:15 THUR PRE SCH 4 YR 9:15 THURThu9:15am-10:15amBoth064.00
7054235PRE SCH 4 YR FRI 4:30RegisterPRE SCH 4 YR FRI 4:30Fri4:30pm-5:30pmBoth564.00
7054133PRE SCH 4 YR MON 4:30RegisterPRE SCH 4 YR MON 4:30Mon4:30pm-4:30pmBoth364.00
7054178PRE SCH 4 YR MON 6:00 PRE SCH 4 YR MON 6:00Mon6:00pm-7:00pmBoth064.00
7054185PRE SCH 4 YR MON 6:30RegisterPRE SCH 4 YR MON 6:30Mon6:30pm-7:30pmBoth164.00
7054271PRE SCH 4 YR SAT 9:00RegisterPRE SCH 4 YR SAT 9:00Sat9:00am-10:00amBoth564.00
7054277PRE SCH 4 YR SAT 9:30RegisterPRE SCH 4 YR SAT 9:30Sat9:30am-10:30amBoth364.00
7054293PRE SCH 4 YR THUR 10:15RegisterPRE SCH 4 YR THUR 10:15Thu10:15am-11:15amBoth264.00
7054227PRE SCH 4 YR THUR 4:30RegisterPRE SCH 4 YR THUR 4:30Thu4:30pm-5:30pmBoth564.00
7054232PRE SCH 4 YR THUR 5:45RegisterPRE SCH 4 YR THUR 5:45Thu5:45pm-6:45pmBoth264.00
7063210PRE SCH 4 YR THUR 6:45RegisterPRE SCH 4 YR THUR 6:45Thu6:45pm-7:45pmBoth364.00
7054194PRE SCH 4 YR TUES 4:30 PRE SCH 4 YR TUES 4:30Tue4:30pm-5:30pmBoth064.00
7054205PRE SCH 4 YR TUES 6:45RegisterPRE SCH 4 YR TUES 6:45Tue6:45pm-7:45pmBoth464.00
7054212PRE SCH 4 YR WED 4:30RegisterPRE SCH 4 YR WED 4:30Wed4:30pm-5:30pmBoth464.00
7054220PRE SCH 4 YR WED 5:45RegisterPRE SCH 4 YR WED 5:45Wed5:45pm-6:45pmBoth164.00
7054224PRE SCH 4 YR WED 6:45RegisterPRE SCH 4 YR WED 6:45Wed6:45pm-7:45pmBoth564.00