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2185 Pennsylvania Ave
York, PA 17404 

College Bound

Regina Walton  - Level 10
High School : Spring Grove
Class of 2020 
Status : Verbal Committ -Cornell University

Olivia Pitzer  - Level 10
High School : Spring Grove
Class of 2022 
Status : Available


Jenna Ferguson
2019 -current
Rutgers University Athletic Scholarship

Emma Brown
2018 -current
Ursinus College

Sarah McCarty
2016 - current
Kent State University Athletic Scholarship

Paige Landes
2016 - current
Ithaca College

Victoria Heath
2014 - 2017
Bowling Green University Athletic Scholarship

Alex Zimmerman
Maryland University 

Kylah Bachman
2002 - 2006
North Carolina State University Athletic Scholarship